Jan 30, 2020: HirtAgency signs Scriptwriter David B. Green and exclusively represents him on the international market

David B. Green was born in 1960 in the small Coal Mining village of Blidworth, located deep in the heart of the 12th Century “Robin Hood” county of Nottinghamshire, England. He studied English Literature, Spanish Literature, Dramatic Art & the Theatre, in Nottingham and Amsterdam. 


Since 2011, David has developed and enjoyed a creative relationship/partnership with award winning Canadian film Director, Writer & Producer Jason C. Bourque. Together they have crafted a MR PHELPS screenplay, a TV mini series bible and a pilot: MR PHELPS. They harbour ambitions to co-write a multi-season MR PHELPS series together and to see it produced.


Early influences for his writing career were Anthony Minghella, Barry Norman (BBC) and Edward Fox (The “Jackal”) 

and more recently, Robert. B. Parker.


“Oscar Phelps” is a Rapscallion and Anti-Hero, styled in the classic Patricia Highsmith “Ripley” mould.  The Phelps character is an invention of the author’s wife. 


David’s first novel, - “32-Red” was written in Southern Spain in 1997 and is based upon the Intriguing, Beguiling, and Sociopathic character of “Oscar Phelps” and the world he inhabits and the people with whom he conflicts.


The sequel to ‘32-Red’, - “Berlin by Christmas” was conceived and written in Australia from a Bribie Island, Queensland base and completed in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada and in the SAR Hong Kong, China, in the winter of 2004. Together with “32-Red” they combined into one volume as parts 1 & 2 of “The Enigmatic Mr Phelps”.


The third in the Phelps series - “Brethren of Acadia” was conceived and formulated in Montreal, New Orleans, Bergen, Ilfracombe, Phoenix, Auckland, Amsterdam & Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, Australia during a very dispiriting Australia versus England -Ashes- cricket tour during 2006-07. It was completed in Niagara-on-the-Lake in the fall of 2009. 


The fourth novel – “Where King meets Queen” was conceived in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates during 2010, formulated in the Hotel Scribe in Paris and completed in Bermuda, London, Riyadh, Munich and on Vancouver Island in late 2013. 

A tale of extortion, blackmail, sandbagging and delicious murder. 


The fifth novel - "Weekday Cross" was conceived in Niagara on the Lake, written in Honolulu, Havana, Princeton, Melbourne, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Rutland, England. It is a Phelps retrospective and develops a platform for the exposure of his early life and how it influenced his present and his future. It is an entertainment of the Graham Greene ilk. 


The sixth novel in the series; “Three Graves to Seneca” was planned during a 21 American state coast to coast road trip during 2019 and laid out while in Europe - in Oxford, Prague, Munich & Lisbon during the winter of that same year. It is a reflection of ideas developed within the MR PHELPS TV mini series. A reversal of the creative process. Novel reflecting TV script as opposed to TV script adapted from the novel.


David divides his time between Victoria on Vancouver Island, Nerja, Honolulu, Rutland and the Shavian town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. 


During his formative years in England, David learned about Nottinghamshire’s dissenting literary outlaws; Byron, DH Lawrence, Alan Sillitoe. 

The experience of growing up in a small village community opened his mind and helped him escape into a much wider world. He developed a passion for foreign travel and the cinema, which has remained with him throughout his life. 


On September 25th 1999, David made his first circumnavigation of the world, following a route established on September 25th 1988 by Sir Michael Palin for the BBC television series; Around the World in 80 Days. He has since repeated this journey on four occasions, east to west and west to east, having traced the steps laid out by Thomas Cook and Phileas Fogg in 1872. 


David continues to travel extensively throughout all Continents of the World in connection with business, OSCAR PHELPS related pursuits, his family and cricket watching. 

He has to date visited more than 78 countries.


If you want to arrange a meeting in London from 11-12 February or at the Berlin International Film Festival from 21-24 February 2020 to discuss with us David' s and Jason's screenplay and the pilot to international miniseries Mr. Phelps, please direct all inquiries to lead agent and agency director Isabella Hirt: isabella(at)hirtagency.at.