HirtAgency signs Writer & Producer John E. Kramer and exclusively represents him on the global market

John E. Kramer wrote and was the executive producer of the award-winning short film, Everything, which tells the story of a mother desperately seeking a bone marrow donor for her daughter.  He was a producer on the feature-length film Little Pink House, starring Catherine Keener and Jeanne Tripplehorn.


Mr. Kramer is the author of the well-reviewed novel Blythe, which is an allegory on the spread of HIV/AIDS and the search for a cure.  It tells the story of Blythe, a young woman who takes her stand in a world of physical and spiritual torment, while her love, Aaron, confronts the village leaders including his own father to find and free his love after an act of infidelity.The darkness consuming Blythe does not limit itself to her prison. Through trickery, traps, and seduction, the evil that claimed her also claims a growing cross-section of the village until only Aaron seems to have the strength to fight back. In a work of poetic prose in a timeless setting, this cross-genre work of literary fiction plummets us into the darkest recesses of our world and lifts us to examine the most sublime potentials of our spirits. 


Collaborating with composer John Massaro, Kramer recently completed the libretto for Isabella, a lyric opera based on Blythe.  Massaro worked with Leonard Bernstein on his final opera, A Quiet Place.


Kramer directs the award-winning communications department at the Institute for Justice, a public interest law firm that litigates for liberty in the United States. He directed the media relations in 10 landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases, always fighting on the side of greater individual liberty.


Please direct all inquiries to lead agent and agency director Isabella Hirt: isabella(at)hirtagency.at.