Phillip MITCHELL - Actor, Stuntman, Writer


Phillip is a 30-year veteran of the film industry, working as an actor and award-winning stunt performer on films ranging from "I, Robot" to "Mission Impossible 4" and hundreds more. 


He has also directed theatre, worked as an editor, camera operator and fight choreographer. 


Phillip has several feature scripts currently under option or in development.  As a scriptwriter he is working on two series projects and features with HirtAgency clients Jason Bourque, international Award-winning director and producer along with his partner Ken Frith, president of Gold Star Productions (Vancouver). 


He is an inspired filmmaker with a passion for the art and a knack for fast-paced, high-energy storytelling. 

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Show Reel Actor Phillip Mitchell: Please direct all inquiries to lead agent and agency director Isabella Hirt.