Sue BOURQUE - Writer & Scriptwriter


An award-winning published writer, Sue’s varied background as a social worker, parent educator, national radio show contributor and reporter has translated into an equally diverse body of work in all genres.


She has had several optioned thrillers, family, science fiction and horror scripts, many with writing partner Jason Bourque. Recently she completed the science fiction adventure “Crebots” currently being shopped to various production companies and developed through Telefilm Canada.


Her produced thrillers “Borderline Murder” and “Stolen Daughter” both aired on Lifetime TV and are also available on various streaming platforms.


© 2019 Sarah Bourque

Along with working as a ghost writer on various scripts, Sue has been focusing on developing TV series including the investigative procedural “The Eulogist Mysteries” and the episodic comedy “Trailer Park”. All of her work has her signature witty humor, subversive insights into the human condition and memorable characters.


Sue is a graduate of UNB’s creative writing program and holds a social work degree from the University of Victoria. 


"Borderline Murder" - A lifetime original movie. Script by Sue Bourque & Jason Bourque. Young lawyer Abby Morgan hears of the disappearance of her estranged sister in Texas. The trail eventually leads to a plastic surgery clinic in Mexico.


"Stolen Daughter" - Official Trailer. Script by Sue Bourque & Jason Bourque. A female police detective returns to work after suffering PTSD from a previous case, only to have her teenage daughter kidnapped by an emotionally disturbed parolee.