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HirtAgency represents internationally acclaimed, multiple award-winning Artists, with a special emphasis on:

  • Film, Theatre and Music Theatre Directors
  • Best-Selling Authors, Screenwriters
  • Composers and Conductors
  • International Stars

Agency Director Isabella Hirt

Agency Director Isabella Hirt holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre, Film and Media studies from the University of Vienna/Austria (Mag. Phil.) and a Script Consultant Diploma from the Master School Drehbuch in Berlin/Germany.

Previously, Isabella was with two major German Public Broadcasting Networks ZDF and WDR, worked for the Production Company Bavaria Media in the field of international TV Co-Production and as a talent agent for TV & Film for the leading Austrian stage publisher Kaiser & Co.


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Isabella, Film Festival Cannes 2018, Italian Pavilion. 





The unique creative capabilities, popularity and high degree of recognition of key talent is critical for the success of productions in the fields of cinema, television, stage and music theatre. HirtAgency represents an carefully-chosen selection of top talents that virtually guarantee high ratings and sold out performances.

HirtAgency has a strong network both in Europe and North America (East & West Coast) and to the new and fast-moving emerging players in the media & film production world and is therefore in a position to package and bring together European, Transatlantic and Global Co-Productions.

The Artists we represent have demonstrated with great success that they understand how to create content for different platforms & media (e.g. TV, Cinema, Theatre, Music Theatre, Livestream etc.), that is appealing to a global audience or specifically targeted at more focused audiences.

We help our clients to plan & develop their careers, to fully realize their creative potential and to get beneficial contract terms, in line with the value they create.

We work exclusively with top quality people on all sides and solely on the basis of Win-Win-Relationships. Our Mantra is "First Class Business with First Class People."  

Publications by Isabella Hirt

Isabella Hirt, "The Professional Script Consultant"


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Isabella Hirt (co-publisher), "Ferry Radax - Vision, Utopia, Experiment"


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Full Member of VeDRA Verband für Film- und Fernsehdramaturgie.